Sans Walk Spoken Word recording studio
Sans Walk Spoken Word recording studio
Sans Walk Spoken Word - high-spec recording studio specialising in spoken word and audiobooks
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General Directions

sans walk map

The offices of Strathmore and the Sans Walk Studio are in the basement of a big Victorian school in a walled yard, now called Kingsway Place. ‘Kingsway Place’ is a building, not a street name. On older A to Zs the site is marked ‘Museum’, since the school is on the site of the Clerkenwell House of Detention, some of the old cells of which (now under the car park) were for a while open as a tourist attraction. Kingsway Place is just beginning to appear in newer A to Zs, but mostly, look for ‘Sans Walk’.

When you get to the entrance gates in Sans Walk, press 41 (4-1-CALL) on the intercom on the railings on the left. Once inside make your way to the left, between the main building and the one on the left with a glass upper storey like a signal box.

Immediately right, between the front and back wings of the building, is a small courtyard. One wall has two doors in it and in the opposite wall, next to the bicycle rack, is a door labelled 'F' with another intercom to ring. When you come through the door there are signs directing you downstairs to Strathmore Publishing. You will go through glass doors and a small courtyard at lower ground level and through two more doors into a wide passage; the Strathmore office/reception is up a short flight of wooden stairs to the left. That is also the reception for Sans Walk studio, which is two doors up the corridor.

NOTE: All vehicular traffic must pass through St. James Walk to approach Kingsway Place. If using a sat-nav, try the postcode EC1R 0AP, as it will direct you to the bottom of this road. Many sat-navs do not recognise Kingsway Place or Sans Walk.

It’s not actually as complicated as these directions make it seem!

Detailed directions by train / tube / bus / car

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